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Economic Growth Can be Green: Media Briefing by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría at COP15


Wednesday 16 December - 14:00 – 14:30 - Asgar Jorn, Hall H, Bella Centre


Mr. Gurría recommended ways to encourage green economic growth, citing OECD analysis on environmentally and economically rational policies to address climate change adaptation, mitigation, technology, financing and development. Mr. Gurría also presented new OECD analysis on the economic costs and the GHG reduction potential of countries’ recently declared emissions targets:


Tackling Climate Change and Growing the Economy: Key messages and recommendations from recent OECD work (4 pages)


Two new OECD reports were presented: 

  • Eco-innovation in Industry: a key engine for green growth analyses, analyses and gives examples of firms in the manufacturing and services sectors that have found innovative solutions to cut both costs and GHG emissions;
  • Competitive Cities and Climate Change, which notes that cities are critical to efforts to avert global climate change. Cities consume ⅔ of all energy and increasing urban sprawl is producing ever more CO2. Local governments in OECD countries are responsible for 70% of public spending on environmental protection and investment and have put in place measures, such as road tolls and energy efficient building standards, to reduce energy use. See also Cities and Climate Change (flyer).



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