Changement climatique

Development and Climate Change Project


Initiated by the Development Co-operation and the Environment Directorates in 2002, this joint project explores possible synergies as well as trade-offs in "mainstreaming" climate change responses in development co-operation projects, development plans and activities. The focus is on links between climate change, natural resource management and economic development plans in developing countries.

New Releases:

Other Project Documents:

  • Concept paper on scope and criteria for case study selection

    The paper outlines key issues for investigation in the project and sets out a scope and approach for the case studies. A three-tier framework is proposed for each of the case studies that examines:

    (i) the national demographic and economic context, as well as key climate change impacts and vulnerabilities;
    (ii) connections between climate change, national economic development plans and development assistance portfolios;
    (iii) in-depth thematic or project level analyses that explore linkages between climate change adaptation and natural resource management through specific themes such as coastal zone, watershed, land use and forest management activities.

    In the area of land use and forest management, the analyses could also cover costs and benefits of integrating mitigation measures such as carbon sequestration in development planning.

  • Analysing the nexus of sustainable development and climate change: an overview

    This paper by Mohan Munasinghe (MIND) is a background document to the project. The analysis sketches out a broad framework to address the nexus of sustainable development and climate change.

  • Expert Meeting on Development and Climate Change, Paris, 13-14 March 2002 ( - Meeting Report )

    This informal expert meeting, held 13-14 March in Paris, combined experts from both the climate policy (largely adaptation experts) and the development policy communities. Participants from developing and developed countries, and from relevant inter-governmental organisations, covered a range of questions, including the value-added of OECD contributions on development and climate; adaptation financing issues; scope, structure and criteria for possible case studies.

Further inquiries about ongoing work in the OECD on development and climate change may be directed to:

Shardul Agrawala, OECD Environment Directorate

or to:

Rémy Paris, OECD Development Co-operation Directorate



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