L'adaptation au changement climatique

The OECD is responding to the challenge of climate adaptation by supporting governments in planning and implementing effective, efficient and equitable adaptation policies.


Climate change poses serious risks to people, biodiversity, and every sector of the global economy. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions need to go hand in hand with policies aimed at building resilience and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The OECD supports governments and communities in their adaptation efforts by producing research on a wide range of topics relevant to climate adaptation and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices through the Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation (TFCCA).

The Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation brings together over 70 countries and organisations to promote concrete solutions and accelerate policy action on climate adaptation.

The Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation provides policy makers with a platform to discuss and exchange experiences, best practices and the latest research on climate variability, adaptation and resilience. The TFCCA discussions provide valuable information to assess existing policy efforts and can inspire and support the development of ambitious adaptation policy agendas.

New Report: Scaling up Nature-based Solutions to Tackle Water-related Climate Risks

Based on case studies carried out in Mexico and the United Kingdom, this report provides an assessment of the use of, and recommendations for scaling up, nature-based solutions to address water-related climate risks. The report identifies existing challenges as well as good practices with regard to policy design and implementation, governance, regulatory mechanisms, and technical and financial arrangements, based on an OECD policy evaluation framework.

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