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Promoting Clean Urban Transport in Kazakhstan


 Almaty, Kazakhstan train station

Stakeholder meeting - 13-14 December 2016, Astana


Jointly organised by the OECD and the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, the main objective of the meeting was to present and discuss the results of a study on “Designing a clean urban transport investment programme in Kazakhstan” as well as provide a one-day training session for relevant government officials on programme management and implementation. The meeting was attended by both government and regional officials, international organisations as well as private sector experts and representatives of the academic and NGO community in the country.

This study presents the results of designing a green public investment programme in Kazakhstan aimed at reducing air pollution from the public transport sector in large urban centers in this country. 

The main focus of the study is on supporting the shift to modern buses powered by clean fuels, such as compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Using an Excel-based model, developed for this project, we estimate, among others, the total cost of the programme for the public financier, the optimal level of subsidy and the air pollution reduction which can be achieved as a result of programme implementation. The aim of this work is to demonstrate in practice how to use scarce public funds to incentivise the private sector to invest its own resources in clean and socially important investments.

The agenda and the presentations from this event can be accessed below. The report from the study is being finalised and will be publishced soon in both English and Russian.


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