Environnement dans les économies émergentes et en transition

Performance of Enforcement Authorities


The Guiding Principles for Reform of Environmental Enforcement Authorities in transition economies of EECCA called for the development of indicators against which agencies’ performance can be measured and continuously improved. To support progress in this area, the EAP Task Force has been assisting enforcement agencies in designing indicators for both outputs and outcomes. Such indicators are instrumental to monitor the implementation of compliance assurance programmes, support policy making, and help to improve the transparency and accountability of enforcement authorities. The work also helps to establish procedures for regular feedback to managers, political leaders and legislature using quantitative and qualitative indicators. The Secretariat has drafted the Guidelines on Performance Measurement for Environmental Enforcement Authorities of EECCA and has conducted a pilot project on compliance and enforcement indicators in Kazakhstan.


The work on compliance assurance indicators also provided an input to the peer reviews of environmental compliance assurance systems. Peer reviews provide international peer support for institutional reform;
enhance government’s transparency, accountability, and visibility, at national and international level;
and extend opportunities for inter-government policy dialogue and support capacity building.


So far peer reviews have been conducted in Armenia (2005) and Kyrgyzstan (2004). They confirmed to be an effective mechanism for distilling achievements and bottlenecks in environmental enforcement, identifying direction for reform and concrete actions.