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Pesticide risk reduction


The OECD Pesticide Risk Reduction Project aims to promote pesticide risk reduction and sustainable pest management. It encourages the development, adoption and implementation of advanced sustainable pest management strategies and policies, including risk reduction policies/practices and alternative approaches to the use of chemicals, as well as improved risk management and compliance/enforcement activities (in particular via the use of new pesticides with lower risk properties, of bio-pesticides and the adoption and implementation of IPM).

The objectives of the Project are:

• creating strategic opportunities that facilitate risk reduction,
• giving international credibility to risk reduction tools and measures,
• reaching out to other international groups active in pesticide risk reduction, and
• promoting communication on risk reduction.

The Project aims to promote pesticide risk reduction through various activities. It organises discussions, seminars or workshops on topics related to risk reduction so as to facilitate information exchange and to propose strategic options for risk reduction. The Project also creates opportunities for outreach to important stakeholders and fora, and works on ways to evaluate progress in risk reduction efforts.

To date (and since 1994), the Project has addressed or is currently addressing the following issues that are closely related to pesticide risk reduction:


Risk Reduction Seminar Series

Since 2003, the Project has organised a Risk Reduction Seminar series in order to focus on key issues in pesticide risk reduction of concern to OECD governments. The Seminars are intended to provide an opportunity for discussion, learning and information sharing.  To date, seminars on the following topics have been organised.


# Date/Location Event Title Related Documents

December 2014,

Risk Reduction and Pesticide Non-professional Uses

Series on Pesticides No. 88
Main report

13 November 2012,
Indicators for Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Series on Pesticides No. 75

Main report


12 May 2010,
Risk Reduction through Prevention, Detection and Control of the Illegal International Trade in Agricultural Pesticides

Series on Pesticides No. 59
Main report

11 November 2009,
Pesticide Risk Reduction Strategies near/in Residential Areas

Series on Pesticides No. 58
Main report

10 February 2009,
San Francisco
Pesticide Risk Reduction through Better National Risk Management Strategies for Aerial Application

Series on Pesticides No. 50
Main report
Annex 3: Part 1  Part 2 
             Part 3  Part 4

9 June 2008,
Risk Reduction through Spray Drift Reduction Strategies as Part of National Risk Management

Series on Pesticides No. 46:
Main report

Complete report (incl. ppts - 15 MB)

8 November 2007,
Mexico City
Risk Reduction through Education / Training the Trainers

Series on Pesticides No. 45:
Main report

Complete report (incl. ppts - 20 MB)


March 2007,Brno

Risk Reduction through Better Worker Safety and Training

Series on Pesticides No. 42:
Part 1
Part 2

6 November 2006,
Joint OECD/EC Seminar on Harmonised Environmental Indicators for Pesticide Risk (HAIR) Series on Pesticides No. 40
5 November 2005,
Pesticide Risk Reduction through Better Application Technology Series on Pesticides No. 35
4 March 2005,
Risk Reduction through Good Pesticide Labelling Series on Pesticides No. 29
3 June 2004,
Pesticide Risk Reduction through Good Container Management Series on Pesticides No. 28
2 November 2003,
Minor Uses and Pesticide Risk Reduction Series on Pesticides No. 26
1 March 2003,
Compliance and Risk Reduction

Series on Pesticides No. 24:
Main report
Annex 2, Part A
Annex 2, Part B


Past Surveys and Activities (1994-2006) on Pesticide Risk Reduction Activities

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