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Powerpoint presentations: Seminar of the Annex I Expert Group, 21-22 March 2005


“Working Together to Respond to Climate Change”
Seminar Organised by the Annex I Expert Group on the UNFCCC
Paris, 21-22 March 2005
Place: OECD La Muette Headquarters  – Room 1 – Paris 16th arrondissement

Monday 21 March
9:00 Opening Session

  • Welcome – Kiyo Akasaka, OECD Deputy Secretary General
  • Opening remarks – Paul Watkinson, AIXG Chair

9:30 – 12:45  Experience and Approaches Related to Adaptation
Session discussant:  Andy Deacon, United Kingdom

14:00 - 16:00  Experience and Approaches Related to Mitigation: Session 1 - National Experiences
Session discussant:   Sibusiso Gamede,  South Africa

  • Overview of mitigation issues in UNFCCC context – Richard Kinley, UNFCCC
  • Briefing on the World Energy Outlook 2004 - Energy and emission trends to 2030 - Fatih Birol, IEA

16:15 - 18:00 Experience and Approaches Related to Mitigation: Session 2 - Clean Development Mechanism
Session discussant:   Erja Fagerlund, Finland

  • Overview of CDM issues in UNFCCC context, Christine Zumkeller, UNFCCC
  • Recent developments in the CDM Executive Board and its Methodology Panel -  Jean-Jacques Becker, France
  • Overview of developments in the CDM portfolio -  Jane Ellis, OECD
  • CDM capacity development and its experience in attracting CDM investment in Latin America - Christiana Figueres, consultant
  • Questions and discussion (see key questions)

Tuesday 22 March (Day 2)
9:10-12:30 Experience and Approaches Related to Mitigation: Session 3 - Approaches for Future International Co-operation

Panel discussants:  Harald Dovland, Norway; José Goldemberg, Brazil; Jonathan Pershing, World Resources Institute

  • Introductory presentation – Cédric Philibert
  • Combining various options for commitments: results from modelling simulations - PatrickCriqui, Lepii -EPE, France

14:00 – 15:45 International Technology Collaboration

Session discussant:  Margaret Martin, Canada

  • Overview of technology issues in UNFCCC context – Christine Zumkeller, UNFCCC
  • Recent experience to promote technology collaboration. Experience with technology needs assessment development and implementation in Ghana, and in the UNFCCC Expert Group on Technology Transfer – William Agyemang-Bonsu, Ghana
  • International Technology Collaboration: case studies.
      - Appliance Energy Efficiency, Thomas Guéret, IEA
      - Clean Coal Technology, Cédric Philibert, IEA
      - Wind Power Integration into Electricity Systems, Debra Justus, OECD
      - Summary of International Technology Collaboration and Climate Change and overview of lessons emerging from case studies, Cédric Philibert, IEA

Chair’s summary and synthesis of main messages, comments by participants
17:00  Close of Seminar


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