Changement climatique

OECD Side Event at SB28 sessions, June 2008


The Economics of Adaptation and Mitigation

OECD Side Event at SB-28*, Bonn
13h00-15h00, Tuesday 10 June 2008


Panel Mediator & Introduction: Paul Watkinson, France

Economic Aspects of Adaptation to Climate Change: Costs, Benefits and Policy Instruments
Edited by Shardul Agrawala and Samuel Fankhauser
This new book provides a critical assessment of adaptation costs and benefits in key climate sensitive sectors, as well as at national and global levels. It examines the potential and limits of economic and policy instruments - e.g. insurance and risk sharing, environmental markets and pricing, public private partnerships - that can motivate adaptation actions.

OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030 and : the case of global port cities
Climate change presents a central challenge for sustainable economic development. With the world economy expected to double by 2030, we must move quickly to a low-carbon growth path. Multilevel governance is an important part of the solution set. This session presented elements of the recently released OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030 and, with this as a backdrop, selected results on climate change impacts, damage costs and policy benefits at city-scale.

* 28th Sessions of the subsidiary bodies of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2-13 June 2008, Bonn.


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