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  • 26-April-2019

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    OECD Mental Health Performance Framework - Brochure (April 2019)

    In 2017, OECD Health Ministers called on the OECD to address gaps in knowledge and understanding by benchmarking mental health performance. Created by a diverse international group of mental health experts, the OECD Mental Health Performance Framework sets out what constitutes good mental health performance, and is a starting point for understanding, measuring and assessing mental health performance.

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  • 13-February-2019

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    Fiscal sustainability of health systems: Enhancing the dialogue - Brochure 2019

    To help facilitate the dialogue between the different government agencies responsible for health financing, the OECD Joint Network of Senior Budget and Health Officials was established in 2011. Over the years it has provided an effective space for government officials to openly discuss challenges and solutions to the fiscal sustainability of health systems. Read this Brochure to learn more about its work.

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  • 6-February-2019


    OECD Reviews of Public Health: Japan - A Healthier Tomorrow

    This review assesses Japan's public health system, highlights areas of strength and weakness, and makes a number of recommendations for improvement. The review examines Japan's public health system architecture, and how well policies are responding to population health challenges, including Japan's ambition of maintaining good population health, as well as promoting longer healthy life expectancy for the large and growing elderly population. In particular, the review assesses Japan's broad primary prevention strategy, and extensive health check-ups programme, which is the cornerstone of Japan's secondary prevention strategy. The review also examines Japan's exposure to public health emergencies, and capacity to respond to emergencies as and when they occur.
  • 11-January-2019


    OECD Reviews of Public Health: Chile - A Healthier Tomorrow

    This review assesses Chile's public health system, highlights areas of strength and weakness, and makes a number of recommendations for improvement. The review examines Chile's public health system architecture, and how well policies are responding to significant population health challenges including high rates of overweight and obesity, and relatively high smoking rates. In particular, the review assesses Chile's policies designed to tackle obesity and improve healthy diets. The review also examines Chile's cancer screening and prevention system and, finally, looks at how genetic and genomic medicine are being used to strengthen public health and preventive care in Chile.
  • 6-December-2018

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    Spending on Primary Care: First Estimates - Policy Brief

    Primary care is a key pillar of a modern, people-centred health care system. Investing in the primary care sector represents good value for money as it can help avoid costly admissions to hospitals, improve care coordination and improve health outcomes. This paper presents first-time estimates of spending on primary care services for a group of 22 OECD countries, based on new methodology.

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  • 5-December-2018

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    Renewing priority for dementia: Where do we stand?

    As global leaders return to London on 5 December 2018 to discuss dementia, this new OECD Policy Brief looks at what progress countries have made over the past five years.

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  • 3-December-2018


    OECD/Korea Policy Centre – Health and Social Policy Programmes

    The OECD/Korea Policy Centre fosters the exchange of technical information and policy experiences relating to the Asia Pacific region in areas such as health statistics, pension reforms and social policy and expenditure.

  • 29-November-2018

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    How resilient were OECD health care systems during the “refugee crisis”? - OECD Migration Policy Debates

    This edition of Migration Policy Debates reviews current challenges and good practices for making OECD health systems more resilient in the face of a refugee crisis, drawing from a debate at a joint OECD, the World Bank and the Center for Mediterranean Integration conference on “Human Resources for Health (HRH): Integration of Refugees into Host Community Health Systems”.

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  • 29-November-2018


    Pharmaceutical Innovation and Access to Medicines

    This report reviews the important role of medicines in health systems, describes recent trends in pharmaceutical expenditure and financing, and summarises the approaches used by OECD countries to determine coverage and pricing. It then highlights current issues for policy makers, such as the increasing prices of new medicines; concerns about the value of spending in some therapeutic areas; challenges in anticipating the arrival of very effective medicines for highly prevalent diseases; sharp price increases in off-patent products; and the apparent misalignment of current incentives for the development of treatments for certain conditions. The report also describes the role of the biopharmaceutical industry in OECD economies, examines the process of pharmaceutical R&D and its financing, and looks at the risks, costs and return from R&D investment for the industry. Examining trends in the industry over time, it shows that productivity of R&D expenditure has declined; that the duration of market exclusivity has remained relatively stable; that new medicines are increasingly being developed for small patient populations; and that the industry as a whole has remained highly profitable for investors. Lastly, the report presents a range of policy options for consideration by policy makers, to support the development of effective and co-ordinated responses to the identified challenges.
  • 22-November-2018

    English, PDF, 2,328kb

    Health at a Glance: Europe 2018 - Chartset

    Access key results from "Health at a Glance: Europe 2018" in this chartset.

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