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Starting Strong III: A Quality Toolbox for ECEC - Setting out quality goals and regulations


If you are looking to set out explicit quality goals for ECEC or revise quality standards or regulations, here are some key actions you can consider and the tools to help you!


Using research to inform policy and the public

Tools to help brief policymakers, stakeholders and the media on what the research shows

Quality goals

Research brief


Minimum standards

Research brief


Broadening perspectives through international comparison

Tools to help compare your country’s practices with others

International comparison

Policy goals

Policy goals


Minimum standards

Minimum standards

 ( .xls

Selecting a strategy option

Tools to help assess current strategies and identify possible alternatives strategies

Summary of strategies for setting quality goals

Country examples

Challenge 1 : Building consensus on the goals

Challenge 2 : Aligning goals to stimulate quality provision

Challenge 3 : Implementation – translating goals into actions

Summary of strategies for designing and implementing quality standards and regulations

Country examples

Challenge 1 : Securing financial means for quality enhancement ECEC

Challenge 2 : Lack of transparency among different providers under different regulations

Challenge 3 : Adaptation to local needs

Challenge 4 : Implementation

Challenge 5: Managing private provision

Managing risks: Learning from other countries’ policy experiences

A quick read about challenges and risks to consider when implementing policy initiatives

Lessons learnt from setting out quality goals and regulations

For examples of quality goals and regulations that have been set out in various countries, click here.

Reflecting on the current state of play

A tool to facilitate reflection on where your country stands in comparison with other country practices

Self-reflection: Quality goals and minimum standards

 For examples of quality goals and regulations that have been set out in various countries, click here.



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