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Schooling for Tomorrow - The Starterpack: Futures Thinking in Action


We are living in an increasingly global world. This brings many challenges and problems, but it also makes it much easier to learn from those in other countries about areas of common interest. It helps those concerned about education in different countries to understand new developments and identify good practice.
Such international sharing is at the heart of the Schooling for Tomorrow Project (SfT). It has developed a wealth of insights into futures thinking in education. It has generated expert analyses, case studies, country reports and publications related to schooling and learning and what these might be like in the future and to help shape the future. To introduce these insights to a wider audience, Schooling for Tomorrow has developed this Starterpack. Individuals, groups and stakeholders just embarking on futures thinking in education can use it to become aware of what might be done and now to be quickly operational as they set out in this direction.



Getting started: Futures thinking in education


What is shaping the future of schooling? : Trends and their implication in education


What might schooling look like in the future? Scenarios for further reflection


How to go about it?: Some tools to shape the future


Futures thinking in action: Some practices and lessons learnt


   Download the complete Starterpack [pdf 875 KB]


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