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Reviews of National Policies for Education


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Reviews of national policies for education are most prominent among a range of activities that lead to analyses of education policy development and implementation in response to or anticipation of wider economic and social trends and developments. There is involvement of Ministries as well as professional groups, researchers and others, in formulating and carrying out the work and in discussing the findings. The aim is to improve the understanding of issues, implications for education policies and experience with the range of national policy options and strategies.

Education policy reviews proceed in several stages: preparation and completion of a background report by the country undergoing review; a two-week mission by an external team of reviewers; preparation and completion of the review report by the external team; and a 1 to 1½ day review session at the OECD Education Committee, when the Minister (with input from senior staff) comments on recommendations and conclusions of the review team and responds to questions of other countries' delegates to the Education Committee.

The report of the external review team, edited to take into account the main points raised in the review session, is published. Reviews published recently or forthcoming include:

The programme of reviews now consists, in addition to the well-established single country review, of a follow-up of each country review. After a period of about two years, authorities of the country concerned submit a short note to the Education Committee in which they report on progress and developments. Discussion takes place as a regular item in the agenda at a bi-annual meeting of the Education Committee.



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