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Building a High-Quality Teaching Profession: Lessons from around the World


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ISBN: 9789264098435
Publication: 30/11/2011


Building a High-Quality Teaching Profession: Lessons from around the World

This report presents the best current evidence about what can make teacher-oriented reforms effective. It points to examples of reforms that have produced specific results, show promise or illustrate imaginative ways of implementing change.

A striking contrast between the teaching profession in different countries is its status and the caliber of its recruits. Successful countries have shown how a teaching profession that assumes a high level of responsibility and is well rewarded can attract some of the best graduates into a teaching career.

This publication summarizes the evidence that underpinned the first International Summit on the Teaching Profession held in New York in March 2011 and reflects on the lessons that have been learned. The promising avenues it explores not only include measures at recruitment stage, they also involve transforming the teaching profession from within.


Teachers and school leaders are being challenged to transform educational outcomes, often under difficult conditions. They are being asked to equip students with the competencies they need to become active citizens and workers in the 21st century. They need to personalize learning experiences to ensure that every student has a chance to succeed and to deal with increasing cultural diversity in their classrooms and differences in learning styles. They also need to keep up with innovations in curricula, pedagogy and the development of digital resources.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Recruitment and initial preparation of teachers
         Making teaching an attractive career choice
         Ensuring high-quality initial teacher education
  • Chapter 2. Teacher development, support, employment conditions and careers
         Meeting the need for professional development
         Fostering an environment for effective teacher collaboration
         Establishing effective employment conditions
         Providing for attractive careers
  • Chapter 3. Teacher evaluation and compensation
         In search of an effective teacher appraisal system
         Maximizing the impact of teacher appraisal
         Designing effective compensation systems
  • Chapter 4. Teacher engagement in education reform
         Achieving educational reform that works
         Securing a strategic relationship between government and teachers’ unions
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
  • Annex A. Selected comparative data 

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