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 19-20 October 2010

Closing events of the co-operation agreement Improving Education in Mexican Schools, established between the Mexican Government and the OECD, Mexico City

As a result of the co-operation agreement between the Mexican Government and the OECD, two publications have been prepared containing specific recommendations and considerations aiming to improve education in Mexico: “Improving Schools: Strategies for Action in Mexico” and “”.

In these closing events, the OECD officially presented to the Government of Mexico and Education stakeholders the final  recommendations presented as part of the OECD-Mexico Agreement to Improve the Quality of Mexican Schools, based on the work from the OECD-Mexico Steering Group on School Management and Teacher Policy, and the OECD-Mexico Steering Group on Evaluation and Incentives Policies.

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7-8 September 2010

SEP OECD Workshop on Teaching Standards and Portfolios, Mexico City

Around 60 high-level policy makers from SEP, states authorities, SNTE leaders, researchers and leaders of civil society organisations participated at this workshop. The main goal was to know more and exchange information and implementation ideas about the educational standards and portfolios as evaluation tools.

This was the last workshop of the OECD-Mexico Agreement and it was planned as a thematic follow-up session of the Module of Teacher Professionalisation of the OECD Harvard Seminar for Leaders in Education Reform (held in Santiago Chile, January 2010)


 23 July 2010

Workshop for PEC Coordinators on the OECD Recommendations for Mexico on School Leadership, School Management and Social Participation, Washington, The World Bank, Washington D.C.

During this workshop, the OECD presented to participants the OECD recommendations on School Leadership, Management and Social Participation. Participants then explored possible pathways to apply the OECD recommendations to the specific context in which the Quality Schools Programme (Programa Escuelas de Calidad, PEC) operates in Mexican states.

 1 July 2010

Meeting of OECD Mexico Steering Groups, OECD and the SEP Working Group for the analysis of the OECD recommendations for Mexico, Mexico City

A SEP Working Group for the Analysis of the OECD recommendations has been created recently to start the formal process of institutional analysis of OECD’s recommendations for SEP and will be engaging and discussing with key players. In parallel, SEP will undertake a socialisation process of OECD’s recommendations.

The OECD and Steering Group members provided the SEP Working Group with an overview of the diagnosis and the recommendations. This discussion aimed to help the Working Group to better understand and contextualise recommendations for their further analysis. Discussions were concentrated on the scope of recommendations, their applicability in the short and mid-term, and the different actors required at the National and state level for these different processes.  Discussions all fed into the final version of the OECD recommendations.

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 30,  June – 1 & 2 July 2010

Final Meeting of the OECD Steering Group on School Management and Teacher Policy in Mexico, Mexico City

The OECD Steering Group on School Management and Teacher Policy has been actively supporting OECD work to improve the quality of schools in Mexico since 2009. The members met to discuss the preliminary report Improving Schools: Strategies for Action in Mexico and agree on its finalisation.

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 28-29 June 2010

OECD-Harvard Seminar for Leaders in Educational Reform in Mexico. Final Module: Implementation, Mexico City

The main purpose of the final module brought together all Mexican educational leaders that have previously participated in the country modules of Chile (Teacher Professionalization) and Ontario (School Leadership and School Reform) to discuss approaches to implementing the strategy developed by the OECD-Mexico Steering Group on School Management and Teacher Policy regarding teacher career paths, school management and social participation. The event gathered more than 60 participants, and was led by Professor Fernando Reimers, from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the members of the Steering Group and OECD analysts.

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 3-7 May 2010

OECD-Harvard Seminar for Leaders In Educational Reform: School Leadership and School Reform In Ontario, Canada

The second module of the OECD-Harvard Seminar was held in Ontario Canada in May, 3-7, 2010. This module focused on effective school leadership and school management practices within a broader school reform agenda. During the week, 30 high-level Mexican decision makers met with key Ontario education policy leaders and researchers in charge of implementation and study of these reforms, visited school districts and schools and worked in an academic setting to develop a set of conclusions on relevant lessons for Mexico.

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 18-23 January 2010

OECD-Harvard Seminar for Leaders in Educational Reform. Module I – Teacher Professionalisation; Santiago, Chile

The OECD Education and Training Policy Division initiated and designed with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Pontificia Universidad Católica and the Research Centre on Education Policy and Practice (CEPPE) and the SEP in Mexico this seminar.

The one week seminar was structured with initial general presentations by Chile Minister of Education, Profesor Richard Elmore, Chile education policy makers, analysts and academics, followed by team study visits and academic work at the Universidad Católica de Chile to extract the following:

  • analyse elements in teacher policy, teacher evaluation, initial and continuing training have been positive for teacher and school improvement in Chile?
  • Based on the experiences studied in Chile, define the elements which can be relevant to Mexico’s current education policy reforms to improve the quality of education.

Two members of the OECD Steering Group on School Management and Teacher Policy in Mexico were drivers of this module of the seminar: Ines Aguerrondo (ex-vice minister of Education in Argentina, currently IIPE, UNESCO) and Cristian Cox (Ex viceminister of Education in Chile, now Director of the Research Center for Educational Policy and Practice, Chile).

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  • To download presentations made at the Seminar, please click here.
  • To read the Executive Summary in Spanish, please click here. (The English version will be available soon.)

 3-4 December 2009

Third Meeting of the OECD Steering Group on Evaluation and Teacher Incentives Policies

The OECD Steering Group on Teacher Evaluation and Incentive Policies convened in Mexico City, Mexico, for its third meeting on 3 - 4 December 2009. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the main issues to be brought into consideration in developing the recommendations for an in-service teacher evaluation system for Mexico. All members of the Steering Group, chaired by Mr. Carlos Mancera, attended the workshop held on December 1 – 2 in order to have the content and outcomes of the workshop as key input for the discussion and analytical work of Steering Group. A member of the OECD Steering Group on School Management and Teacher Policy also participated in the discussion as a means to increase synergies among the two steering groups.

 1-2 December 2009

OECD/SEP International Workshop: Towards a Teacher Evaluation Framework in Mexico: International Practices, Criteria and Mechanisms


This workshop was a joint effort of SEP and the OECD. Nearly 200 representatives from federal and state educational institutions participated in the workshop, as well as Mexican and international experts, civil society organisations and members of the National Teachers’ Union (SNTE). Invited international experts provided examples of in-service teacher evaluation methods from six OECD and non-OECD countries: the U.S., Chile, Portugal, Singapore, Brazil and Sweden. In addition, education authorities from the Mexican states of Chiapas, Nuevo León, and Veracruz presented teacher evaluation and rewards programs that are being designed and implemented at the local level. The Minister of Education of Mexico was present for the opening of the workshop, the presentation of international experiences, as well as for the workshop conclusions presented in the final plenary session. The Agenda of the Workshop, as well as the presentations by expert and Mexican educational authorities can be found here:

30 November 2009

OECD-SEP Global Conference: Education Policy Reforms for Mexico in a Comparative Perspective Group

This seminar organised by OECD and SEP aimed to present and discuss with the members from the new Mexican Congress Education Committees the key OECD findings for Mexico in the areas of school leadership and teacher education, professionalization, incentives and assessment. The presidents and numerous members of the Education Committees from both Chambers actively participated. The meeting was led by Minister Alonso Lujambio and the OECD Deputy Secretary-General, Aart de Geus. One of the key lines of the discussion was the process of implementing education reforms. Therefore, during the seminar relevant international experiences in education policy reforms were analysed and some of the work and preliminary recommendations derived from the OECD-Mexico Agreement.


 20 October 2009

OECD Workshop: School Leadership in Mexico in a Comparative Perspective

This workshop aimed to define and develop a set of key priorities for school leadership policy in Mexico by a) analysing international practices in school leadership, b) discussing Mexican current approaches and challenges to school leadership and c) exploring how international practices can provide elements to enrich Mexico’s policies on school leadership.


 9 July 2009

OECD Workshop: International Perspectives on Teacher Certification and Selection Mechanisms

The goal of this workshop was twofold: a) to explore different approaches countries have adopted to select and recruit teachers to enrich Mexico decisions; and, b) to get input and feedback on those areas in which the experiences across OECD countries could be relevant for Mexico.


 6-8 July 2009

First Meeting of the OECD Steering Group on School Leadership and Teacher Quality

The First Meeting of the OECD Steering Group on School Leadership and Teacher Policy was held in Mexico City 6 to 8 July 2009. This meeting was followed by a workshop on 9 July 2009.


 30 June - 2 July 2009

Education Quality Standards and Assessment: OECD-MEXICO Joint Workshop

On 30 June-2 July 2009, the OECD and the Government of Mexico organised a Workshop in Mexcico City on Education Quality Standards and Assessment. The Workshop was chaired by Mr. Carlos Mancera Corcuera, former Deputy Minister of Education of Mexico and chair of the OECD Steering Group on Evaluation and Incentives Policies in Mexico.

Agenda (Spanish)
Workshop Agenda (English)
Summary (coming soon)


 26-27 March 2009, Mexico City


 Carlos Mancera




First meeting of the OECD Steering Group on Evaluation and Incentive Policies

The first meeting of the OECD Steering Group on Evaluation and Incentive Policies in Mexico was held on 26-27 March 2009 at Secretaría de Educación Pública - SEP, in Mexico City. The main objective of the meeting was the finalization of the roadmap for policy development and policy implementation in the fields of measuring educational quality and incentive structures.The meeting was chaired by Mr. Carlos Mancera Corcuera, former Deputy Minister of Education of Mexico and chair of the OECD Steering Group on Evaluation and Incentives Policies in Mexico.

Summary of the meeting


 23-27 March 2009, Mexico City


F. Benavides, I. Aguerrondo, E. Coral García and B. Pont.


OECD Experts Team Visit to Mexico

Francisco Benavides, Beatriz Pont (OECD) and Ines Aguerrondo (UNESCO, IIPE) were on official visit to Mexico on 23-27 March 2009. They  met with a range of representatives from SEP, Congress and Senate Education Committee Chairs, National Teacher Trade Union, parent associations, civil society representatives, independent advisors on the 2009 teacher entrance test, state representatives, parents, teachers, school directors and other school managers. The purpose of the visit was to shape the contributions of the OECD Steering Group on school leadership and teacher policy in Mexico.

Agenda (Spanish)                  


 27 February 2009, OECD Headquarters, Paris


 Ángel Gurría




Mexican Delegation Visit to the OECD

On 27 February 2009, a meeting on the cooperation agreement between Mexico and the OECD was held at the OECD headquarters with a Mexican Delegation led by Dr. Jorge Santibáñez Romellón and consisting of SEP representatives, government officials and representatives from the civil society organisations. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Ángel Gurría, the OECD Secretary-General.
The keynote speech was presented by Mr. Ángel Gurría.
Presentations from the Meeting
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 8-12 December 2008, Mexico City






OECD-SEP Conference

The first OECD-SEP Conference on Improving the Quality in Education in Mexico was held in Mexico City on 8-12 December 2008. The event brought together the educational authorities of Mexico, representatives of the National Union of Education Workers (Sindicato Nacional de los Trabajadores de la Educación - SNTE) and civil society organisations.
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