Resourcing Higher Education

Challenges, Choices and Consequences

Investment in higher education in OECD countries has increased substantially over the last 20 years, as a result of higher enrolment, increasing costs, government priorities related to skills, and research and innovation. Faced with economic and fiscal challenges, public authorities across the OECD need now more than ever to make thoughtful decisions about how to mobilise, allocate and manage financial and human resources in higher education. Effective action on the part of governments requires knowledge of international trends and alternative policy approaches; evidence from research and policy evaluations; and the practical experience of peers in other countries. The OECD Higher Education Resources Project addresses these needs by providing an accessible international evidence base for policy makers in Resourcing Higher Education, and targeted system-specific analyses in upcoming policy briefs and national policy reviews.

Available from June 18, 2020

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Executive summary
Mobilising financial resources for higher education
Student fees and student financial support
The allocation of public funding to higher education institutions
Human resources in higher education
System-wide co-ordination of higher education provision
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