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The work of the OECD on Education for Indigenous students and Migrant Education is part of a project on Education and Diversity


Although both themes have common policy issues related to ‘diversity’, the challenges faced by indigenous population groups are often strikingly different from those of migrants.


Education for indigenous students is becoming high on the policy agenda in some countries. These countries are becoming increasingly interested in learning what is happening and what is working or not working in other countries. However, both qualitative and quantitative research at the international level has rarely been done. To complement the vacuum, there is growing recognition of the value of peer-learning and expanding our knowledge of effective practice. To this end, the OECD/Australia Seminar was organized to promote mutual learning on effective practice, which took place in Cairns, Australia on 14-15 May 2007. The importance of defining and determining the purpose of education for indigenous students was highlighted at the Seminar. The main results of the seminar are synthesised in the Communiqué.





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