Ensuring financial education and consumer protection for all in the digital age


With the unprecedented pace of technological change and the proliferation of Digital Financial Services (DFS) around the world, the need to strengthen financial and digital literacy is an important component of the international policy agenda.

Date of publication:
20 April 2017

  G20/OECD INFE report on digitalisation, consumer protection and financial literacy

Based on an overview of worldwide trends in the development of digital financial services, this report discusses the implications of the digitalisation of finance for financial education and relevant consumer protection issues. It also explores the challenges and opportunities resulting from today’s digital revolution for consumers, small businesses and particularly disadvantaged groups. The report then highlights the need to further enhance consumer protection and financial education frameworks to more effectively target digital finance, and identifies financial literacy initiatives and policy options that can help consumers better manage any potential digital risks and benefits. It illustrates the use of digital tools to deliver financial education, while addressing the role of public, private and other relevant stakeholders in this regard.

This report was presented at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Washington D.C. on 20-21 April 2017.

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