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Videos from the international conference "Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in School: Moving a shared agenda forward" 24-25 September 2019, London, United Kingdom


 Thematic videos

Best moments of “Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in School:
Moving a shared agenda forward” Conference

Essential skills for the future


In all disciplines and every individual

 Education systems must change


Innovative teaching is needed

What policy makers can do


The OECD CERI project on Creativity and Critical Thinking



Experts' view on Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in Education 

Ajith Basu - Agastya Foundation (India)

Andreas Schleicher - OECD


Andria Zafirakou - Alperton Community School (UK)

 Barbara Schneider - Michigan State University


Bill Lucas - Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester

Carlos Gonzalez-Sancho - OECD


Deborah Bull CBE - King’s College London

Gary Ó Donnchadha - Departement of Education and Skills Ireland


Geoff Mulgan - Nesta

H.E. Nataphol Teepsuwan - Ministry of Education Thailand


Helen Charman - Victoria and Albert Museum

 Kraiyos Patrawart - Equitable Education Fund


Laura di Pizzo - Ayrton Senna Institute

 Michele Bruniges – Australian Department of Education


Sir Nicholas Serota - Arts Council of England

 Paul Collard - Creativity, Culture and Education


Pavel Zenkovich - Minister of Education Russian Federation

 Carl Wieman – Stanford University


Ramanathan Ramanan – NITI AAYOG Government of India

 Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin - OECD


Todd Lubart - Université Paris-Descartes



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