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Archived Webinar on "Knowing what Teachers Know about Teaching"
24 February 2017, 16:00 Paris time

This webinar focused on teachers’ professional competence and the challenges the profession is facing in the 21st century knowledge society. The session discussed some key findings from the OECD publication entitled Pedagogical Knowledge and the Changing Nature of the Teaching Profession and their implications for future research to improve teacher policies.

Symposium on "Teachers as Learning Specialists - Implications for Teachers' Pedagogical Knowledge and Professionalism" 
Brussels, 18 June 2014

This symposium, co-hosted by CERI and the Department of Education and Training of the Flemish Ministry, brought together leading researchers in the field of pedagogical knowledge to discuss how teacher knowledge can be conceptualised and measured and what elements might influence this knowledge. The themes also included the potential of integrating new findings from the neurosciences in teachers’ knowledge base and what impact the increasing demand on teaching 21st century skills might have on teacher knowledge.
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International Convention on the "Science of Learning: How Can it Make a Difference? Connecting Interdisciplinary Research on Learning to Practice and Policy in Education" 
Shanghai, 1-4 March 2014

This collaborative initiative of OECD/CERI, the US National Science Foundation, UNESCO, Hong Kong University, Shanghai Normal University and East China Normal University, brought together exciting new research about learning from the United States, Asia and Europe that cut across many disciplines, levels of analysis and contexts to include cellular and molecular bases of learning, brain systems for learning, behavioural and cognitive aspects of learning, and socio-cultural influences on learning, among others. A two-day Dialogue was organised to discuss how the Science of Learning can make a difference in practice and policy-making in education. The aim was to achieve integration in two dimensions: integration among researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, and integration among various disciplines that study learning.
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