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Innovative Learning Environments


The Implementation and Change Strand


The Implementation and Change strand aims to:

Engage with the many systems and stakeholders involved to identify ways ahead to spread and sustain innovative learning environments.

This third strand of the project is the most directly policy-relevant part of the overall ILE exercise. It covers different analytical, operational and dissemination activities that feed each other:

a)      Analytical work: As well as specific expert papers, there is a specific focus on ‘learning leadership’, that resulted in a report and international seminar in 2013. We will be exploring the feasibility of additional analytical work, including on appropriate evaluation methodologies.

b)      Materials and tools: We aim to create different materials and tools designed to assist those wishing to grow innovative learning in their own contexts. The aim is to organise the outputs and materials into a Knowledge Base.

c)     Operational activities with participating systems: ILE is bringing together examples of strategies and initiatives designed to spread and sustain innovative learning. These will be uploaded to the ILE site, reflected in the ‘materials and tools’ referred to in b), and analysed in the main ILE report on “Implementation and Change” to be written in 2014. There are different levels of possible engagement (below), and the network of participating systems and organisations itself represents an important vehicle of the ILE work.

Levels of engagement for participating systems:

1º - Participating systems provide information on strategies and initiatives designed to spread and sustain innovative change across education systems through a System Note.

2º - System willing to engage further are invited to choose one strategy and follow the change produced over a period of one year.  They report this through two Monitoring Notes, one at the beginning (MN1) and another one at the end of the year (MN2).

3º - Five systems participate as Laboratories of Learning Change covering the same monitoring and reporting from the previous level, but also engaging in action, development and reflection to grow innovative learning environments through the chosen strategy. A voluntary contribution is required to participate in this level.

The note below outlines the different options for engagement by participating systems [i.e. c) Operational activities].



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