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Banff, Alberta, Canada - Presentations International Conference on ILE


Conference's Presentation


1. Why Systems Must Innovate their Learning ? Nelson Gonzalez

 The OECD/CERI International “Innovative Learning Environments” (ILE) Project:Framing Concepts and Existing Conclusions


2. Overview of Innovative Learning Environments in the International Project


3. Facets and Dimensions of Innovative Learning Environments

  • What different ILEs mean for the learner and for the learning professionals – changing the learning experience

Chaired by Valerie Hannon, Innovation Unit, UK

Presenting: Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser, Network of Performance Based Schools, Vancouver

Island University, British Columbia, Canada.

Chaired by David Istance.

Presenting: Anders Palm and Peter Skoglof, Swedish National Agency for Education, Stockholm, Sweden

Erich Ramscheier, University of Teacher Education, Bern, Switzerland.

Chaired by Dean Lindquist, ADM, Learning Supports & Information Management, Alberta Education, Canada.

Presenting: Jennifer Groff, Educational consultant, Cambridge, USA.

  • ILEs for new knowledge, competences and capacities – changing content

Chaired by Gertraud Benke, Institute of Instructional and School Development University of Klagenfurt, Austria.

Presenting: Ellen Hambrook, ADM, Education Program Standards and Assessment, Alberta Education on Framework for Student Learning: Competencies for Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.


4. Key Transversal Issues arising for Innovative Learning Environments  

Chaired by Hanna Dumont, University of Tuebingen, Germany.

Presenting: Marlene Scardamalia, Institute for Knowledge Innovation & Thechnology (IKIT), University of Toronto, Canada.

Chaired by Anthony Mackay, Centre for Strategic Education (CSE), Melbourne, Australia.

Presenting: Jan Robertson, Griffth University, Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Chaired by  Carol McLean, ADM, People and Research, Alberta Education, Canada.

Presenting: John Bangs, Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) Working Group on Education, Training & Employment Policy, England.

  • How appropriately to judge the success of ILEs - outcomes?

Chaired by Per Tronsmo, Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, Oslo, Norway.

Presenting: Maria Langworthy, Microsoft Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL), Partners in Learning Program, Redmond, USA.

  • Panel of Workshop Chairs on “Key Transversal Issues arising for ILEs”


5. Making Innovations Happen – Insights from ILE Cases and Wider OECD Analysis

  • Launching and Sustaining ILEs: the insights from the ILE case studies,  Anne Sliwka, Heidelberg University of Education, Germany


6. The Governance and System Challenges

  • Systems and modes of governance appropriate for fostering 21st century learning environments

Chaired by Rod Allen, Superintendant, British Columbia, Canada.

Presenting: Kim Bater, Canadian Rockies Public Schools District, Banff, Canada.

  • Networks and clusters – going to scale through a well-developed “meso” level

Chaired by Lone Lonne Christiansen, Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training,

Oslo, Norway.

Presenting: Patricia Wastiau, European Schoolnet, Brussels, Belgium.

Chaired by Susanne Owen, Department of Education & Children’s Services, Adelaide, South Australia.

Presenting: José Carlos Rocha Silva and Isidro Sánchez Ulloa, National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE), Mexico city, Mexico.

  • Influencing climates, building capacities, and creating conducive conditions – appropriate policies?

Chaired by Elvira Vacirca, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Presenting: Michael Walter, ADM, Strategic Services, Alberta Education on Educational Transformation in Alberta; ATA and ASBA representatives

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