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  • 21-April-2010

    English, , 1,609kb

    DEV Working Paper 290: On the role of productivity and factor accumulation in economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    This paper combines development and growth accounting exercises witheconomic theory to estimate the relative importance of total factor productivity and the accumulation of factors of production in the economic development performance of Latin America.

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  • 10-February-2010

    English, , 1,959kb

    DEV Working Paper 288: Innovation, productivity and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    GDP per capita in Latin America has been falling behind high-income countries and other benchmarks for decades. in this paper, we explore some of the potential roots of this poor performance by using development accounting techniques.

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  • 1-February-2010

    English, , 1,647kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 287: Why do so many women end up in bad jobs? A cross-country assessment

    There is an increasing concern in the development community about the increase in the ‘feminisation of bad jobs’ of many developing countries. Indeed, recent analysis shows a growing proportion of women are in jobs with poor working conditions and low pay. But what is driving this phenomenon?

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  • 21-January-2010

    English, , 1,201kb

    DEV Working paper 286: Does trade stimulate innovation? Evidence from firm-product data

    This paper investigates whether increased import competition leads firms to engage in incremental innovation reflected in product quality upgrading. The econometric analysis relies on a rich dataset of Chilean manufacturing firms and their products.

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  • 21-January-2010

    English, , 2,135kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 285: The emerging middle class in developing countries

    The shift in global goods production towards Asia is well documented. But global consumer demand has so far been concentrated in the rich economies of the OECD. Will that also shift towards Asia as these countries get richer?

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  • 5-January-2010

    English, , 3,419kb

    DEV Working Paper 284: Crushed aid: Fragmentation in sectorial aid

    Past studies focused on aggregate country data but a sector analysis provides a better picture of fragmentation. We start by counting the number of aid projects in the developing world and find that, in 2007, more

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  • 9-October-2009

    English, , 1,629kb

    DEV Working Paper 282: Are workers' remittances relevant for credit rating agencies?

    This research deals with two key issues for many emerging countries: sovereign ratings provided by OECD-based firms and remittance flows. Previous upsurge episodes in remittance flows have underlined the interactions

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  • 14-August-2009

    English, , 1,503kb

    DEV Working Paper 281: Revisiting Political Budget Cycles in Latin America

    This analysis highlights, from a governmental and political perspective, the need to avoid fiscal deteriorations around elections in Latin America.

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  • 30-July-2009

    English, , 1,044kb

    DEV Working Papers 280: Coherence of Development Policies: Ecuador's Economic Ties with Spain and their Development Impact

    This study provides a general analysis of economic relations between Spain, as a donor of official development assistance (ODA), and Ecuador, as a partner and recipient of development aid.

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  • 15-July-2009

    English, , 2,010kb

    DEV Working Papers 279: Herding in Aid Allocation

    Aid ineffectiveness, fragmentation, and volatility have already been highlighted by scholars and OECD studies. Far fewer studies have been devoted to another problem of capital flows: herding behaviour.

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