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Engaging with the Public


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Publication date: 24th November 2014

"12 Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews and the Network of DAC Development Communicators (DevCom)” is the DAC’s first good practice publication on engaging with the public and building awareness about global development challenges. This booklet highlights key lessons learned on engaging with the public based on DAC members’ practices as documented in peer reviews, DevCom’s reports and publications, and wider work from across the OECD. It includes examples from DAC members’ experiences and sketches out the challenges they continue to face as they move toward more strategic, effective and innovative engagement with citizens and taxpayers on development co-operation.

Public debate around development co-operation needs to be broader and more open to better reflect the new world we live in. The importance of effective, strategic development communication and public engagement has never been greater. We know that strong public support underpins political backing for effective and dynamic development co-operation, and that public engagement is important to hold government accountable for their international commitments. Public support, however, cannot be taken for granted. As DAC members prepare for the post-2015 development framework, public engagement, communication and awareness-raising must be prioritised at all levels.



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