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UNDP-OECD DevCom Workshop “Let’s talk about the SDGs”, 23 October 2015


Held just weeks after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, this Workshop brought together leading experts on development communications and policy. Participants discussed what the new goals will mean for citizens around the world, and how the goals can mobilise public support for international development cooperation. The Workshop was organised jointly by UNDP and the OECD Development Communications Network (DevCom).


For a taste of the debate, please visit the OECD Insights blog and find below several of the Workshop presentations.







Agenda 23 October 2015

Session 1

Welcome by hosts

  • Nicola Harrington, Deputy Director, OECD Development Centre
  • Mila Rosenthal, Director of Communications, United Nations Development Programme

Workshop co-chairs:

  • Eva Bratholm, Head of Communications, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Joachim Beijmo, Director of Communications, Swedish International Development Agency

Session 2

Inspiration: tell me a story of hope

The SDGs are an inspiring story to tell. How can we ensure that people from around the world identify with this story, engage with it and contribute to its telling?

Session 3

Partnerships and perspectives: a story with many storytellers

Achieving the SDGs will need a broad range of stakeholders to work together. So will communicating about them. Where are the opportunities for partnership? Also, what are the implications of new “two-way” modes of public engagement? After all, large-scale public consultations, social media and crowdsourcing had major roles to play in the framing of the SDGs.

  • Leo Williams, International Coordinator, Beyond2015 Campaign 
  • Alex Christopoulos, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Stars Foundation
  • Edith Jibunoh, Civil Society Adviser, External and Corporate Relations Unit, World Bank

Session 4

Keynote address: are the SDGs a sequel or reboot, and will they flop or flourish?

The SDGs are widely regarded as a paradigm shift for international development, but they were inspired by the success of the MDGs. How different are they really, and what are the prospects of their success?

  •  Jan Vandemoortele, Independent Researcher; distinguished co-architect of the Millennium Development Goals (click here to access the presentation)

Session 5

Keeping a story simple: managing transition and growing complexity

Moving from the MDGs to the SDGs is a daunting prospect for many communicators. How can we develop simple narratives around a complex, holistic and universal agenda? How can we best integrate the COP21 and SDG agendas? How will SDGs apply in OECD countries and what will this mean for public engagement? Will we need more whole-of-government communications?

  • Mila Rosenthal, Director of Communications, United Nations Development Programme (click here to access the presentation)
  • Christian Kroll, Project Manager, Shaping Sustainable Economies, Bertelsmann Foundation (click here to access the presentation)
  • Friederike Roeder, Director, France, ONE
  • Caroline Castaing, External Communications and Events, Agence française de développement

Session 6

Keynote address: Trends & emerging policy issues shaping the SDGs

Which major trends and emerging issues will capture public attention in the years to come and affect the implementation of the SDGs? How can the SDGs help address emerging issues and develop global solutions for global challenges?

  • Pierre Duquesne, Chair, OECD Development Centre ; French Ambassador to the OECD
  • Carl Dahlman, Head, Thematic Division, OECD Development Centre (click here to access the presentation)

Session 7

A universal audience: connecting with youth to overcome North-South divides

Young people are a crucial constituency to achieve the SDGs. Engaging with them can help overcome traditional North-South divides. Addressing their concerns can help ensure that noone is left behind. What lessons can we draw from our efforts to engage with youth, including through social media? How can we best engage youth in the policy process, and in which policy spheres ins there greatest potential?

  • Alexandre Kolev, Head of Social Cohesion Unit, OECD Development Centre
  • Sarah Huxley, International Youth Policy Adviser, ActionAid
  • Annie Martinez Alonso, Team Leader, Events and Public Relations, European Commission - DG International Cooperation and Development

Session 8


Hosts and chairs highlighted main takeaways and policy messages from the Workshop, proposed follow-up activities for DevCom & others to explore, and identified upcoming opportunities to continue the conversation.



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