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‌OECD-AMRO-ADB/ADBI-ERIA Joint Asian Regional Roundtable


The emerging Asian economies have strong fundamentals and have been posting steady growth, but are not immune to near-term downside risks such as global uncertainty and volatile cross border capital flows. The region also faces medium-term structural issues such as the middle-income trap, ageing population, income disparity, environmental degradation and challenges in fostering inclusive growth. The annual OECD-AMRO-ADB/ADBI-ERIA Asian Regional Roundtable brings together policy makers, business leaders and researchers to discuss these emerging issues and share lessons on potential policy solutions.

Collaboration between OECD, AMRO, ADB/ADBI and ERIA can build useful platforms to exchange views and strengthen policy dialogue on near-term macroeconomic as well as medium-term structural policies annually at the regional level. The OECD-AMRO-ADB/ADBIERIA Asian Regional Roundtable is one such platform. The regional forum started in 2012 with the participation of OECD and AMRO, and from the third roundtable, ADB also joined. ERIA will also join from the fifth roundtable in 2016. This co-operation is mutually beneficial; these three organisations have complementary roles to play in promoting informed policy dialogue. AMRO, for example, can offer its expertise in analysing near-term issues; the ADB/ADBI can offer lessons from the implementation of its projects and its research in Asia; ERIA can offer its research on regional integration; and the OECD can offer policy suggestions based on the best practices of its member countries. By meeting annually, these discussions can build on those from previous years and tackle the current issues that are facing this highly dynamic region. For this reason, the Asian Regional Roundtable covers both near-term macro challenges and medium-term structural issues, encouraging participants to take a broader perspective in thinking about stability and development.

  • For the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO), this collaboration follows instructions by the ASEAN+3 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to enhance collaboration with international organisations.
  • The OECD’s involvement in the roundtable is horizontal, bringing together a number of branches of the organisation working on issues relevant to the region. This roundtable is an opportunity to share economic perspectives with different 5 institutions.
  • In addition, the ADB and OECD recently updated the MOU initiated in 2005 to strengthen their bilateral co-operation. This roundtable is an opportunity for ADB and OECD to share economic perspectives and key policy challenges based on their respective economic outlook publications. The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), the ADB’s think tank, contributes to the roundtable. ADBI works to identify effective development strategies and to improve the capacity for sound development in Emerging Asia.
  • The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) is an international organisation providing support to the Chair of the ASEAN Summit and the East Asia Summit through policy research on deepening economic integration, narrowing development gaps and achieving sustainable development. ERIA and the OECD have engaged in productive collaboration and signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014 on joint policy work. This platform also promotes knowledge sharing between academics and the private sector in Emerging Asian economies through the collaboration between ERIA, ADB/ADBI, AMRO and the OECD.


What are the goals of the Asian Regional Roundtable?

The Asian Regional Roundtable provides a regular opportunity to gather a diverse group of policy professionals working on the Asian economies to meet and discuss current issues and trends. Its central goals are to:

  • Promote knowledge sharing between the OECD, AMRO, ADB/ADBI, ERIA and Emerging Asia’s policy makers (i.e. finance ministries, central banks and national planning agencies) as well as academics and the private sector; and
  • Provide opportunities for open dialogue on: a) near-term macroeconomic policies; and b) medium-term structural policies in Emerging Asian economies.


Host Organisations of the Asian Regional Roundtable




Host organisation

Person in charge

1st Roundtable

26 September 2012



Kensuke Tanaka

2nd Roundtable

19 July 2013



Satoshi Nakagawa

3rd Roundtable

29 July 2014

Manila, Philippines


Joseph Zveglich, Jr

4th Roundtable

14-15 May 2015

Tokyo, Japan


Kensuke Tanaka

5th Roundtable

14-15 July 2016

Tokyo, Japan


Aladdin Rillo

6th Roundtable

26-27 July 2018

Manila, Philippines


Joseph Zveglich, Jr

7th Roundtable

18-19 June 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia


Izuru Kobayashi

8th Roundtable

13-14 February 2020

Tokyo, Japan


Nella Sri Hendriyetty
and Kensuke Tanaka

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NEW! 8th Roundtable Draft Agenda

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6th Asian Regional Roundtable in Manila

5th Asian Regional Roundtable in Tokyo





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