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Strengthening Chile's Investment Promotion Strategy



President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, ratifies new Framework Law for Foreign Investment | Español

16 June 2015 - This law is designed to help Chile attract more and better investment. President Bachelet emphasized that "this legal and institutional framework is a true opportunity for Chile to attract the best projects associated with greater productivity, greater innovation, greater diversification and value added”.

To support the implementation of the new law, Chile is revamping its investment promotion agency based on the OECD recommendations outlined in the report below. This gives the Agency the "powers required for its work [to] put [Chile] on a better footing to compete with the 170 national agencies that seek to attract foreign capital from the rest of the world”, as stated by Jorge Pizarro, CIEChile.

Published March 2015

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Download the report (pdf)

This report provides recommendations on the design and implementation of a new investment promotion strategy for the Government of Chile. It was prepared in partnership with Chile’s Foreign Investment Committee.

This work took place in a context of a series of investment policy related reforms in Chile, which finds itself needing a modern investment promotion strategy and instruments, particularly as its competitors for foreign direct investment are sharpening their investment promotion.

This report is based on international good practices in investment promotion, including those gathered through OECD Investment Policy Reviews based on the Policy Framework for Investment (PFI), and extensive discussions with stakeholders.



  • Foreign direct investment in Chile’s evolving context
  • Review of the current investment promotion capacity in Chile
  • Establishing a pro-active investment promotion agency
  • Action plan and timeline
  • Key findings and recommendations


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