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BrazilAs a Participant, Brazil has been actively involved in the works of the OECD Competition Committee. Since 1997 Brazil has regularly attended the meetings of the Competition Committee and its working parties and participates in other Competition Fora on a regular basis. To date, Brazil has undergone three OECD peer reviews of its competition law and policy and, as a result, became an Associate member of the OECD Competition Committee in 2019. In 2022, Brazil hosted the 20th meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum.  


Date of publication
27 September 2022

OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Brazil

Brazil’s competition authority (CADE) has invited the OECD to assess laws and regulations in the sectors of ports and civil aviation. 

An assessment report was launched on 27 September 2022 with recommendations to improve competition in these sectors. 


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Fighting Bid Rigging in Brazil 2021 200X150px

Date of publication
19 May 2021‌‌


Fighting bid rigging in Brazil: A review of federal public procurement


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Brazil’s competition authority has invited the OECD to assess the Brazilian public procurement framework at the federal level in light of the OECD Recommendation and Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement. The report shows that Brazil’s  regime acknowledges and attempts to limit bid-rigging risks. Brazilian enforcement authorities have actively prosecuted and punished bid rigging. However, further efforts to make federal procurement more competitive would be useful, and the report proposes ways of achieving this objective.

Date of publication
25 March 2019

OECD Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy: Brazil 2019

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Brazil underwent a peer review of its competition law and policy in 2018. This review was undertaken after Brazil’s request to become Associate to the Competition Committee. The report focuses on the extent to which the laws, institutions, policies and enforcement practices in Brazil are in line with the OECD competition policy instruments.


Date of publication
25 July 2013

Follow-up to the Nine Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy of Latin American Countries (2012)

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English (pdf) | Español (pdf)

Brazil was one of the nine countries reviewed in this 2012 follow-up study which focuses on two specific themes:

  • the impact of the authority’s work on pro-competitive regulatory reforms
  • the application of case prioritisation and selection criteria.


Date of publication
14 May 2010

Competition Law and Policy in Brazil: A Peer Review (2010)

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English (pdf) | Português (pdf)

After a first review in 2005, Brazil’s competition regime was examined for the second time in 2010 by senior competition officials from some 80 jurisdictions during the 9th meeting of the Global Forum on Competition in Paris.

This 2010 report provides an in-depth analysis of developments in the area of  competition since the last review and sets out further recommendations.  

Date of publication
18 March 2008


Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy in Latin America: A Follow-Up (2007)

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English (pdf) | Español (pdf)

Brazil was one of the five countries reviewed in this 2007 follow-up report on competition developments.

The study aimed at assessing the impact that the previous peer reviews and recommendations had on competition policy and agencies.


Date of publication
6 October 2005

Competition Law and Policy in Brazil: A Peer Review (2005)

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Français (pdf) 


Brazil’s competition regime was first reviewed in 2005 during the 3rd meeting of OECD-IDB Latin American Competition Forum held in Madrid.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of its competition practices, includes a chapter on different sectors and sets out recommendations on how to improve government policy and the local competition authority's enforcement / advocacy practices. 


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Annual Report on recent competition developments

In the framework of its participation at the Competition Committee, Brazil's national competition agency submits every year a report on recent developments in the field of competition. 

Available reports per year:

2021 • 2019 • 2018 • 2017 •  2016 

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