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Working Group meeting of the Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance


25-26 May 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


In 2010, OECD’s work on corporate governance in Asia includes a review of corporate governance reforms and the identification of new priorities in the 13 participating Asian economies. This meeting reviewed the corporate governance progress and remaining challenges in 13 Asian economies since 2005, and identified reform priorities.   


Meeting objectives

 Challenges to Reform

A  group of Asian decision-makers examined the implementation of a roadmap for reform agreed in the Asian White paper. This assessment of how policies and practices have evolved will help identify the remaining obstacles to reform. The discussion was based on responses to a stock-taking of progress questionnaire. The Stock-taking Report will be released at the annual Asian Roundtable meeting in China, planned for December.

New Priorities

A paper which synthesised reflection on the issues discussed at the 2009 Asian Roundtable set the stage for the discussion on new key reform areas. The meeting identified key priority issues to be discussed and agreed at the December 2010 Asian Roundtable meeting when the group will work on revising and updating the Asian White Paper.

A Draft Agenda

Participants to the May meeting are part of the core team leading the Asian Roundtable’s work programme. Together they discussed and elaborated a draft agenda for the Asian Roundtable meeting to be held in China, next December.


  • Draft agenda


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