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Task Force Sub Group on Transparency in Financial Reporting, March 2013



At the Task Force meeting in April 2011 many stakeholders, principally from non-OECD economies, requested that further progress be made in exploring the potential value of the public registration of local statutory accounts of unlisted companies in developing countries as a tool to promote transparency.  A report on this issue was welcomed by the Task Force at its 2012 plenary meeting. The Task Force has also been monitoring government led disclosure initiatives in particular the Dodd-Frank Act and the proposed changes to the European Union Transparency and Accounting Directives.


The Sub-group on Transparency in Financial Reporting held its third meeting on 8th March 2013 at the OECD headquarters in Paris to discuss how the report on the potential transparency benefits of the public registration of statutory accounts of unlisted companies was being used in the Task Force’s work with developing countries and how to build on that work. The sub-group meeting also discussed the progress on current government transparency initiatives.


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Session I 

European Commission: "Country By Country Reporting: A Development Perspective"


CCFD-Terre Solidaire: "Country by Country transparency: Dodd Frank Act and EU Directives" 


Rio Tinto: "Transparency measures for extractive industries – a business view"


Session II 


OECD: "The public registration of statutory accounts''





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