Croissance verte et développement durable

Green Innovation in Tourism



Publication date:
December 2012


English (French forthcoming)

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This paper on Green Innovation in Tourism Services seeks to analyse the role of green innovation in the transition of tourism enterprises (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators) to a green economy; how green innovation in tourism is supported in OECD countries (e.g. specific structures, mechanisms and good practices); and what can be done to accelerate the diffusion of green innovation in the sector. The paper provides a range of potential areas of policy focus to improve diffusion, strengthen markets and change consumer attitudes to green innovation in the tourism sector.


Table of contents

Executive Summary

  • Policy orientations

Chapter 1. Tourism and the Green Economy

  • Introduction
  • The need for Green Growth
  • Tourism in a Green Economy
  • Summary of key issues and report outline

Chapter 2. The Policy Environment for Green Innovation in Tourism

  • Introduction
  • Policy issues for green innovation
  • Green innovation in tourism
  • Approaches to green innovation in OECD member countries
  • Summary of key issues and findings

Chapter 3. Green business model innovation in Tourism

  • Introduction
  • Business models and challenges for green innovation
  • The Green Innovation Radar
  • Green business model innovation and tourism
  • Businesses tools to implement green business model innovation
  • Policy Conclusions

Chapter 4. Drivers and barriers to Green Innovation in Tourism

  • Introduction
  • Overcoming barriers: enabling conditions
  • Drivers and barriers in OECD member countries
  • Success factors for green innovation in OECD countries
  • Summary of key issues and findings



For more information please contact Peter Haxton at the OECD Secretariat.


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