OECD welcomes measures adopted by Spain to advance integrity


16/04/15-The OECD welcomed the legislative package on democratic regeneration recently approved by the Spanish Parliament in order to fight corruption and promote both integrity and transparency in political activities and institutions. The measures include two new laws regulating the financing of political parties and the conduct of senior officials in the Spanish public administration, as well as some adjustment in the penal code to better tackle these issues.

The OECD has identified the fight against corruption as critical to restoring the trust of citizens in public institutions. Under the title “Curbing Corruption – Investing in Growth”, the OECD just held in Paris an Integrity Forum to identify new approaches to preventing, detecting and sanctioning corruption practices.  The measures adopted by Spain go in the same direction as they will intensify the mechanisms of control and should help instil greater transparency in all domains of public and political activity. The OECD encourages the Spanish authorities to proceed to a prompt and effective implementation and enforcement of this promising legislation. 


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