Anti-corruption et intégrité dans le secteur public

Working Party of Senior Public Integrity Officials (SPIO)



The Working Party of Senior Public Integrity Officials (SPIO):

  • promotes the design and implementation of integrity and anti-corruption policies that support good public governance. 
  • strengthens core values, the credibility and capacity of the institutions involved in policy making and the underlying conditions shaping the policy making process.

The SPIO pays specific attention to emerging issues related to risk areas at the interface between the public and private sectors, including conflict of interest, lobbying, and the role of money and influence in decision making, but also integrity and accountability mechanisms, including internal and external control.


How does the SPIO achieve these goals?

  • Assist senior policy makers in sharing experiences, good practices and lessons learnt; 

  • Support the evidence base with analytical tools, peer reviews, comparative data and indicators; 

  • Contribute to the Government at a Glance publication and to the Public Governance Reviews; 

  • Contribute to the Trust Strategy and the Initiative on NAEC; 

  • Assist the Public Governance Committee in the monitoring of the implementation of Recommendations of the Council in the area of integrity. 


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