Développement économique et création locale d’emplois (LEED)

Workshop: Measuring the potential of green growth (Copenhagen, Denmark)


An international workshop

12-14 October 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark 


Jointly organised by the OECD LEED Programme and Copenhagen Capacity   


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The purpose of the workshop was to feed into the overall goal of the OECD LEED Project on measuring the potential of green growth - Indicators of local transition to a low-carbon economy  proposing a common set of key indicators to measure the potential of green growth and validate the local needs for specific green growth indicators. The workshop discussed practices and experiences from the case of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, insights from international experts and other OECD experiences.

The continuing focus on the green economy and the emergence of Cleantech as a sector add pressure in the OECD countries to greening the activities of their economies. However, there is yet little information on how local regions can successfully monitor or document their transition to a greener economy. Nor is there any common understanding of how to define green jobs, green companies or green initiatives. The workshop in Copenhagen discussed practices and experiences as regards indicators needed to analyse how local economies, companies, Cleantech clusters and regions adjust to the green economy and its potential.

The Copenhagen workshop discussed measuring frameworks and indicators for green job creation, greening labour markets, change of production processes and company transformations; chiefly within the context of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and which particular indicators can best inform of the potential of green growth.

Copenhagen's green agenda

Today, Denmark is a recognised hub for cleantech companies in terms of research, development, test facilities and market potential and the Danish green growth model is considered a role model. As part of Copenhagen's green agenda, the city works hard to provide optimal conditions for businesses and to promote public-private partnerships on green projects and transform Copenhagen into a test bed for green urban solutions, which will provide a framework for more sustainable developments in regions beyond Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen, the regional cleantech industry has been gathered to establish a triple helix platform - namely the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC) - to boost the future growth potential of the industry, as enhancing investment promotion through cluster activities is a key parameter for driving green growth in Copenhagen.


Agenda and Material

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  Copenhagen Manifesto of Sustainable Growth



The workshop was by invitation only. For further information about the workshop, please contact Ann Faber Ginness at Copenhagen Capacity or Cristina Martinez-Fernandez at the OECD Secretariat.