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employment, skills and social inclusionDesigning effective strategies for employment, skills and social inclusion

Quality job creation depends on the ability of the employment and training system to generate skills that are required by the labour market. Stronger engagement by employers in the orientation of programmes and services, and promoting skills utilisation can contribute to a more productive economy and progression in employment for workers.

Strong capacities in the design of integrated employment and skills strategies are required for policies to contribute effectively to inclusiveness, job quality and local resilience. 


2017-2018 Focus

A. Tailoring policies and designing strategies for better employment outcomes

This activity will build capacity in generating and using indicators of local productivity and inclusion, identify ways to adapt national and regional policies to local characteristics to improve outcomes, and design adequate employment and skills strategies locally. 

A seminar will provide the opportunity to share experience among practitioners, including from North-East Italy, in the local management of employment and training policies and the design of integrated employment and skills strategies, in cooperation with the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) and Eurocities.

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OECD Forum for Local Development Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Social innovators 
18-19 September 2018 | Porto, Portugal

Capacity building seminar: A workforce for the future - Designing strong local strategies for better jobs and skills
28-29 November 2017 | Venice, Italy



B. Taking an integrated approach to social inclusion

The activity will build capacity to take an integrated approach to promoting social inclusion locally. It will support knowledge sharing on ways to increase the effectiveness of local social assistance systems. In particular the work will examine ways to foster convergence between the provision of social benefits (health, pension, welfare) and broader socio-economic goals, such as improving well-being and social inclusion and addressing local demographic change.

A seminar will be organised to bring regional/national authorities from Italy and other regions and countries to share experience in adapting social assistance to local characteristics through integrated welfare systems. 

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Workshop: Old age dependency and supplementary social protection for long-term care provision in regions and cities
14 December 2018 | Trento, Italy


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10-11 April 2017 | Prague, Czech Republic

Forum12th Annual Meeting of the LEED Forum - Creativity, jobs and local development
18-19 April 2016 | Venice, Italy

Seminar: The intangible resources for the future of Trentino - The case of language skills
30 October 2015 | Trento, Italy

Forum: 11th Annual Meeting of the LEED Forum - Local leadership for inclusive growth
24-26 June 2015 | Manchester, United Kingdom

Capacity building seminar: Promoting entrepreneurial education in schools
3-6 November 2014 | Potsdam, Germany

Expert Seminar: What works, and what doesn’t? Evidence-based approaches to tackling disadvantage
15 October 2014  | Paris, France

High-level capacity building seminar: Supporting youth in entrepreneurship
22-23 September 2014 | Brussels, Belgium

Forum: 10th Annual Meeting of the LEED Forum - Job creation just ahead - Building adaptable local labour market
23-25 April 2014 | Stockholm, Sweden

Forum: 9th Annual Meeting of the LEED Forum - Implementing change: A new local agenda for jobs and growth
26-27 March 2013 | Dublin-Kilkenny, Ireland

Workshop: Government approaches to supporting local economic and employment development
11 October 2012 | Riga, Latvia

Study visit: Partnership strategies for demographic change and ageing
10-12 October 2012 | Province of Carinthia, Austria

Capacity building seminar: Strategic approaches to demographic change in Russia and Eastern Europe
3-4 July 2012 | Trento, Italy

Capacity building seminar: Getting the long-term unemployed back into work - New finance and delivery mechanisms
21-22 June 2012 | Trento, Italy

Study visit for local development practitioners: Partnership strategies for youth employment
24-26 April 2012 | Upper Austria

Forum: 8th Annual Meeting of the LEED Forum - Partnerships for youth: Getting the young into jobs and business for successful working life
20-21 March 2012 | Berlin, Germany


Completed reviews & reports

Review: The co-operative model in Trentino (Italy) - A case study
May 2014 - November 2014

Report: Tackling the long-term unemployment amongst vulnerable groups
June 2013

Report: Job creation through the social economy and social entrepreneurship
24 February 2013

Review: Supporting survival and growth of graduate entrepreneurship: skills, competences and start-up support in Germany
January 2011-December 2013

Review: Local job creation in the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy)
January-November 2012

Review: Entrepreneurship support in Tunisia: the role of universities  
January-December 2012

Review: Local development capacity assessment in EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the Western Balkans - a LEED Project
January 2011-October 2012

Report: Enhancing the capacity of partnerships to influence policy (Trento, Italy)
August 2007


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