Développement économique et création locale d’emplois (LEED)

Supporting evidence-based local strategy making


A LEED project for 2011-2012


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The design and delivery of local economic and employment development policies should be founded on an assessment of evidence on the scale and causes of the problems affecting local economies, how policy may be expected to address them and the extent to which existing policies are bringing the anticipated results. Ongoing policy decentralisation and public budget reductions make it even more important to properly target policies and ensure they are bringing results. However, the practice of evidence-based policy making at local level is handicapped by weaknesses in the capacities of local organisations to assemble and use appropriate evidence in their strategy development.

This activity aims to increase the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of local economic and employment development policies by supporting the use of appropriate evidence on policy needs and impacts in the design and implementation of local strategies.


Issues to be addressed

The following issues will be addressed:


Obtaining, processing and utilising information from diverse sources on local economic and employment performance, their drivers and enablers and the problems faced.

How to undertake sound local evaluation of the impact of existing policies and feed the results back into strategy development. 

Setting up local evaluation frameworks and developing organisational capacity for the evaluation of strategic planning and delivery. 


Creating local dashboards of economic and employment development indicators that may be baseline-tracked against targets and milestones and benchmarked over time and with other localities to better understand policy needs and impacts.



Assessments will be undertaken in case study countries of the appropriateness of local information and evaluation systems for meeting the challenges of local strategy design and delivery. 

The assessments will include the following components:


The degree to which the performance, needs and evaluation indicators used fit with those required to assess the local development model in place.

The robustness and reach of the information sources and collection methods.


The systems for management and utilisation of the local development and evaluation information.

Guidance will be provided on how to apply international good practice evaluation and strategy-making principles to strengthen information and evaluation systems at the local level, responding to the areas for improvement identified in the case studies.

Recommendations will be made for the development of local dashboards of comparable local economic and employment development indicators.   



Interested countries may participate by:

  • Providing a voluntary contribution for national or local case study assessments and guidance.
  • Hosting a workshop or conference on the issue or organising capacity-building seminars for local development professionals.
  • Providing good practice local development evaluation reports that can be used as models and comparators in other places. 




Practical reports and action plans on developing information and evaluation systems for evidence-based strategy tailored to the needs of countries and localities.


Valuable learning for participating organisations, creating new knowledge drawing on international practices, improving staff skills, creating new relationships and networks and enhancing evidence-based strategy development processes. 

The project is based on Voluntary Contributions of each participant country and the support of the European Commission.     



For further information about the project please contact the OECD Secretariat.


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