Développement économique et création locale d’emplois (LEED)

Peer-reviews: Skills for Entrepreneurship


Assistance and guidance for national and local governments to enhance the role of education in promoting entrepreneurship

LEED undertakes peer-reviews on entrepreneurial universities and VET institutions. In association with the self-assessment support, LEED offers detailed peer-reviews in selected countries or regions that provide an assessment of national and local frameworks, the strategies and practices of education institutions to promote entrepreneurship, and their embeddedness in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. By participating in a peer-review, governments, education institutions and their partners receive targeted recommendations on how to exploit opportunities and overcome challenges, and inspirations from learning models of good and proven practice.

Recent examples of peer-reviews are:


Germany (including case studies in Berlin and Rostock; Brandenburg; Schmalkalden and Ilmenau , Leipzig and Halle and the Synthesis Report on East Germany Graduate Entrepreneurship) - read also the State of play and inspiring practices handbook


Poland (including case studies in Wielkopolska and Kujawsko-Pomorskie)


Czech Republic (including a case study in Morava-Silesia)


Tunisia (Universities, VET)




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