• 6-February-2017

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    Programa de Desarrollo de Áreas Metropolitanas del Interior - Área Metropolitana Neuquén / Argentina

    El área Metropolitana de Neuquén es una conurbación compuesta por cinco ciudades, donde convergen múltiples decisiones públicas y privadas en relación al uso del suelo y al ambiente, así como una diversidad de identidades, culturas y movimientos sociales que expresan sus demandas. Caso de estudio de la Summer School “Comunidad y desarrollo local en América Latina”, organizada por el Centro OCDE LEED para el Desarrollo Local (Italia).

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  • 6-February-2017

    Spanish, PDF, 455kb

    Ordenamiento territorial para el plan de desarrollo estratégico de Lonco Luan / Argentina

    La Comunidad Mapuche Catalán, ubicada en el paraje Lonco Luan, ha detectado la falta de empleo de los jóvenes en edad productiva por falta de actividades económicas y/o por falta de competencias específicas. Caso de estudio de la Summer School “Comunidad y desarrollo local en América Latina y el Caribe”, organizada por el Centro OCDE LEED para el Desarrollo Local (Italia).

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  • 1-December-2016


    OECD Territorial Reviews: Córdoba, Argentina

    This report examines the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, and provides recommendations for the design of a regional competitiveness strategy as well as the governance structure needed to implement it. Over the past decade, Córdoba has experienced sustained economic growth and widespread improvements in the standard of living. However, the provincial economy is at a pivotal point: it is still highly reliant on traditional manufacturing and commodities, a model that may no longer be sufficient for the future. Córdoba’s challenges and opportunities are the same as those found in many OECD regions and require a renewed development strategy, one that builds on key assets and focusses on closing crucial infrastructure gaps. Investments in skills, research, and innovation are essential to propel the province into higher-value-added segments of production chains. At the same time, Córdoba needs to shift from a sectoral approach to an integrated, activity-focused strategic plan, in which the entire territory (cities and regions) becomes a platform for innovation and fosters new economic opportunities.
  • 15-July-2013


    International Summer School for cooperation and local development (Trento, Italy) - 2013 edition

    The School is organising specialised courses on socio-economic development and creating an international platform to exchange experiences and knowledge between public officers and practitioners from OECD member and non member countries that deals with cooperation and local development issues.

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  • 16-September-2008


    International conference: Efficient local development strategies - Exchange of experiences between Latin America and the OECD (Bogota, Colombia)

    This was an opportunity for representatives of cities and regions from OECD and Latin American countries to share their experience and outcome in defining, implementing and delivering policies within an economic development strategy.

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  • 24-June-2008


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