Direction de la coopération pour le développement


Strengthening Climate Resilience

Guidance for Governments and Development Co-operation

This guidance provides a tool governments and development co-operation can draw on in their efforts to strengthen the resilience of human and natural systems to the impacts of climate change. It highlights three aspirations to consider when planning and implementing action to build climate resilience (country ownership; inclusiveness; and environmental and social sustainability). The guidance also outlines four mechanisms (governance; sector-level approaches; finance; and monitoring, evaluation and learning) and three enablers (data and information; capacity; and technologies) in support of climate resilience, proposing concrete actions in the form of checklists.

Available from March 16, 2021


Executive summary
Strengthening climate resilience: Context and approach
Aspirations for strengthening climate resilience
Mechanisms for strengthening climate resilience
Enablers for action on climate resilience
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