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Unit for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida)

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The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA)

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Organisation Background


The government bodies in charge of evaluation are Sida and the Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA), which was established in 2013 to replace the earlier Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation (SADEV). Sida reports to the Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Department for International Development Cooperation. So does EBA, albeit with a more independent mandate. In addition, the Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret) may at the request of the Swedish government carry out studies and evaluations of the management of International Development Cooperation. The National Audit Office, reporting to the Swedish Parliament audits governmental activities including development co-operation.


Sida’s Unit for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation has a dual mandate of supporting the Agency’s various units regarding decentralised independent evaluations of Sida funded programmes and undertaking more independent and strategic evaluations. Sida’s Unit for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation does not have a single evaluation policy, rather a set of methodologies and guidelines. The Unit’s Evaluation Manual highlights Sida’s approach to evaluation concepts and processes.


EBA is an independent committee appointed by the Swedish Government and established to evaluate and analyse Sweden’s international development co-operation. It was established based on a decision in the Swedish Parliament that an independent organisation that evaluates development co-operation was needed. Its mandate is to commission, compile, implement and communicate evaluations, analyses and studies on development co-operation. The group’s mandate is set by the founding Terms of Reference from 2013. A later internal EBA-document on working methods and an operational strategy further detail the working procedures for conducting evaluation studies, as well as outline the long-term direction of EBA’s activities and its future work.

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