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Department of Economic Cooperation and Development (WE)

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

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Organisation Background


SECO’s evaluation system has since 2009 shifted from a strong accountability focus to one more on learning. The Evaluation Policy drafted in the same year declares that evaluation serves for learning and accountability, but it also indicates that evaluation is not just about producing reports, but to contribute to SECO’s decision-making process and to foster continuous improvements. The Policy also defines the responsibilities and organisational arrangements guiding the evaluation function in the Department of
Economic Cooperation and Development (WE).


SECO clearly distinguishes external from internal evaluation. The Policy provides different mandates to the Evaluation Officer (EO) within WE and the divisions implementing operational activities.

  • The EO is mandated to propose, commission and manage independent evaluations. Typically independent evaluations are large-scale, such as country assistance strategies, cross-cutting issues or themes, economic co-operation instruments and impact evaluations. Independent evaluations are decided on by the external Evaluation Committee and are executed by external consultants.
  • The EO is also responsible for publishing the annual report on effectiveness, summarising the results of all external evaluations and internal reviews conducted during the elapsed year.


The EO is integrated in WE and belongs to the Quality and Resources Division. The EO acts as the Secretariat for an external and independent body, the Evaluation Committee. The EO reports to the Committee which provides oversight of the evaluation function and subsequently reports to the State Secretary (SECO Director). The Committee consists of evaluation experts, development experts with operational experience, civil society and parliamentarian representatives appointed by the State Secretary.

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