Évaluation des programmes de développement

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Monitoring, Audit and Evaluation, Quality Control Division

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA)

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Expertise and Quality Directorate

Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency (LuxDev)

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Organisation Background


In 2015, a new overall Evaluation Policy was developed and launched by the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) in consultation with Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency (LuxDev), the Ministry’s implementing agency for development co-operation. The Policy is an overarching framework for the entire evaluation system of Luxembourg’s development interventions, determining key objectives and priorities. The Policy sets out the distribution of evaluation tasks between the MFEA and LuxDev, with the MFEA handling external evaluations and LuxDev delivering internal, independent evaluations. Internal and external evaluations have different but complementary objectives which mean that there is close consultation between the two actors in the evaluation process.


The evaluation mandate of the MFEA is defined in the 2015 Evaluation Policy. This document is complemented by a series of additional internal documents, further detailing and guiding the MFEA’s work in relation to various types of evaluations and evaluation co-ordination and implementation processes. The revision of existing and development of additional resource documents is currently ongoing. LuxDev systematically performs internal, independent mid-term and final evaluations of all its projects and programmes. LuxDev undertakes two types of internal evaluations: self-evaluations, managed by the Operations Directorate and the implementing partners themselves (with a more operational focus), and independent evaluations, managed by the Evaluation and Knowledge Management Department (Expertise and Quality Directorate).


The internal, independent evaluations are driven by the Evaluations and Knowledge Management Department, which reports to the Expertise and Quality Directorate. Apart from the general 2015 Evaluation Policy, its work is based on internal policy from 2014, mandating it to identify good practice and lessons for the future, as well as to provide information on the effectiveness of LuxDev’s work, to meet the agency’s accountability obligations.

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