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Special Evaluation Office (SEO)

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Organisation Background

The 2013 Law on Development Co-operation provides the mandate to the Special Evaluation Office (SEO) to undertake centralised evaluations. Decentralised evaluations are performed by the project or programme partners themselves, including the Belgian Development Agency (BTC). The SEO was established in 2003 and its mandate was amended in 2010 and 2014 by Royal Decree.
The Belgian Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) evaluation policy (2014) aims to encourage the measurement of development results and impact of Belgian co-operation
(OECD 2015). There are plans to develop a new evaluation policy in 2016, which will build upon the 2014 version.
The SEO is part of the Federal Public Service (i.e. ministry) of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation. It falls under the administrative authority of the President of the Management Committee (Secretary-General) however the SEO is structurally independent (OECD, 2010). The SEO is led by the Special Evaluator, who has financial delegation to contract the expertise required for achieving credible evaluations. The Special Evaluator has to be filled externally and is appointed for a period of three years. Upon contract end, the Evaluator is not permitted to take up another position within the organisation.
For each evaluation, a reference group is established, composed of the main stakeholders. This reference group is responsible for: commenting on the methodology and the intermediary and fi nal evaluation products; controlling the quality of the evaluation process; contributing to the dissemination of evaluations.

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