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Independent Evaluation Department (IED)

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Organisation Background


The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is mandated to evaluate sovereign and sovereign-guaranteed operations (public sector operations) and non-sovereign operations supported by the Bank; and the policies and strategies, practices, and procedures that govern them. The objective of evaluation in ADB is to assess development effectiveness and the long-term results of (i) ADB operations; (ii) country partnership strategies; and (iii) ADB policies, plans, practices, and procedures.


To respond to this objective, the IED is assigned the following functions:

  • to assess issues of development effectiveness and the use of resources
  • to derive lessons and best practices to promote sustainability and the development effectiveness of ongoing and completed operations
  • to recommend appropriate measures for the design of future operations, country partnership strategies, and sector policy or strategy, as well as changes in ADB policies, practices, and procedures
  • to follow up on recommendations that are accepted by ADB.


IED reports to ADB’s Board of Directors through the Development Effectiveness Committee (DEC). The DEC consists of six members of the Board of Directors. The President appoints the members of the DEC, in consultation with the Board, and designates one of them as the Chairperson. The DEC provides the oversight function for ADB’s independent evaluation and plays a central role in the communication between the IED and the Board. The DEC oversees the evaluation programme, reviews all IED reports, reports to the Board on important development effectiveness issues, and assists the Board in ensuring the achievement of the desired outcomes and the efficient use of resources. IED annually prepares and updates its rolling three-year evaluation work programme in consultation with both ADB Management, the DEC and the Board. The work programme is reviewed by the DEC and subsequently submitted to the Board for approval.

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