Environnement et développement

Projet pilote de 2001 sur le développement durable et le changement climatique


Climate change does not yet feature prominently within the environmental or economic policy agendas of many developing countries. Yet evidence shows that these countries might be particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, and that climate change will likely affect the development potential for these countries. Some synergies already exist between climate change policies and the sustainable development agenda, though there might also be tradeoffs. Finding ways to exploit synergies and address the trade-offs are key to progress, both with respect to mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to their effects.

The 2001 pilot project sponsored four individual case studies covered Brazil, India, the West Africa region and South African perspectives. Case study authors identify issues and approaches relevant to an evolving regime for addressing climate change, given various national and regional circumstances, including economic profiles, political interests, institutions and capacities. The authors also consider the risks of climate change and the role of climate mitigation and adaptation policies within a sustainable development context, identifying possible synergies between development priorities and climate policy objectives. Though adaptation is seen as an important policy area, the background papers emphasise mitigation policy.

The papers express the opinions of the author(s), and do not necessarily represent the views of either the OECD or its Member countries.

All reports are in PDF.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development Strategies: A Brazilian Perspective
by Emilio Lèbre La Rovere (Federal Univeristy of Rio de Janeiro)

The main purpose of this paper is to discuss main issues and approaches to build an equitable international regime to address climate change under a Brazilian perspective.

Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Energy: Future Perspectives for South Africa
by Ogunlade Davidson, Lwazikazi Tyani and Yaw Afrane-Okesse (Energy and Development Research Centre, University of Cape Town)

This paper discusses the Climate Change - Sustainable Development Nexus in South Africa with a focus on energy issues.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development Strategies in the Making: What Should West African Countries Expect?
by Fatma Denton, Youba Sokona and Jean Philippe Thomas (Environnment et Développement du Tiers Monde)

The paper argues that for West African countries in general the biggest preoccupation in the climate change context is building resilience, reducing vulnerability of poorer and marginalized communities and adapting to the negative impacts of environmental degradation rather than climate mitigation per se. One key step in that direction would be to ensure better governance frameworks.

Climate Change: India's Perceptions, Positions, Policies and Possibilities
by Jyoti K. Parikh and Kirit Parikh (Indira Ghandi Institute of Development Research)

The paper presents Indian perceptions on the problem of climate change and sustainable development; the kind of negotiating positions that follow from these perceptions; the policies India has undertaken so far and finally India's possibilities for action that can help contain the threat of climate change.

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