OECD Forum 2012: Topics


The most significant economic crisis of our life-time has led to a general loss of confidence in the ability to rise to current challenges. Key stakeholders are calling for a new policy agenda, and new approaches to economic and societal challenges that focus not only on growth, but also on openness, fairness and inclusion. There is a general call for a fairer, more equal society, with more transparency and accountability, and action against corruption, tax increases, the rising cost of living and social spending cuts. It is easier to express indignation than to offer constructive alternatives. Yet, the world needs solutions.


There are high expectations of international organisations such as the OECD to help governments in their efforts to find sustainable solutions. The serious nature and fundamental questions posed in this debate are reflected in the programme of the OECD Forum, focusing on how to move from indignation and inequality to inclusion and integrity. The OECD Forum 2012 served as a platform enabling all stakeholders to jointly seek inspiration to find bold solutions on how to make this shift happen.


Addressing Inequality

What can be done to reduce Addressing Inequality at a time of financial constraints?

Promoting Inclusive Growth

What policies are needed to strengthen Promoting Inclusive Growth, make it inclusive and sustainable over time?


Generating Trust

Restoring Generating Trust is essential to achieving lasting recovery and social stability.

Economic and Societal Challenges

The worst crisis of our lifetime calls to revisit, rethink, and test Economic and Societal Challenges.


Better Life

What indicators are able to capture the Better Life, their priorities and aspirations in an increasingly complex, globalised world?


How can a “lost generation” of Youth unemployed be avoided?


Squeezed and Emerging Middle Classes

Is the Squeezed and Emerging Middle Classes in emerging economies rising at the expense of the middle class in developed economies?

Skills and Education

What strategies are needed to succesfully convert Skills and Education and skills into jobs and growth?



Why is Gender inequality still an issue?