OECD Forum 2011: Topics


Here are the topics discussed during the OECD Forum 2011:


Measuring Progress

Is life getting better? What does progress mean for our societies, and how can we measure it? If money can’t buy you happiness, what will make your life better?

[Measuring Progress...]

Green growth


The current crisis shows that we cannot afford to go back to doing “business as usual”. OECD countries need growth if they are to emerge from the crisis and create jobs. Where will that growth come from?

[Green Growth...]

Getting Back to Work

The crisis has destroyed an unprecedented number of jobs all over the world. Despite signs of recovery in most countries, the risk remains that many people may lose touch with the labour market. What can governments do to create jobs?

[Jobs & Skills...]

Narrowing the Gender Gap

Generally, more women complete higher education than men in OECD countries and have longer life expectancy. But men earn more and hold positions of power. Why is this happening?


Restoring Public Finances

The recent economic crisis inflicted substantial damage on the public finances of many countries around the world. With budget deficits stretched and public debt at historical hights, what is the policy recipe for progress?

[Public Finances...] 

Restoring Trust

The crisis revealed serious gaps in the world economy, and failures in governance and regulation. What have governments done and what results need to be delivered to overcome the lack of confidence and rebuild credibility?


New Paradigms for Development

Since we made our historic commitment to end poverty by 2015, gains have been uneven. While we focus much of our attention on the crucial task of consolidating the economic recovery, we should not lose sight of the major challenges to development.



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