Forum 2018 Issues: What brings us together?

Last year, at OECD Forum 2017, we joined forces to explore the deepening divides fragmenting our economies and societies. Together, we sought tangible solutions to bridge these divides, bringing divergent views together to find common purpose.

Building on these conversations, OECD Forum 2018 will reflect on what brings us together, moving from diagnosis to action, and shaping solutions to build these much-needed bridges.


While reflecting on the complexity of shaping policy in a post-truth world and identifying opportunities for civic engagement and co-creation with citizens, we will focus on addressing these three interconnected issues:

  • International Co-operation
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Digitalisation

International Co-operation

Let's reimagine:

  • international co-operation for the 21st century,

  • the importance for all stakeholders to co-create solutions to address global challenges

Inclusive Growth

Help us design solutions to:

  • ensure opportunity for all through better access to education, employment, healthcare and housing, making sure that growth is truly inclusive

  • promote gender equality and diversity, migrants’ integration, and intergenerational equity


We will seek to address the need to:

  • bridge the gap between policy frameworks designed in an analogue world and the era of digitalisation

  • better understand and manage the implications of digitalisation for society and human progress