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Panel debates




These discussions in classic theatre-style setting set the key themes of the OECD Forum.

Join the main Forum debates and engage with speakers and moderators.  

Connecting at the Forum

As a complement to the Forum amphitheatres, these Forum innovations and special features were ways to connect in small groups or dedicated spaces, with a focus on innovation, interactivity and collaboration.

Interactive Workshops


Take the debate further – these workshops brought together a wide range of perspectives from across the policy shaping community in a highly interactive and engaging format. An experienced facilitation team co-ordinates the work of sense makers and the collaborative process that engages a group of 90+ participants over a three-hour period.

Interactive Workshop 1 - Unlocking the potential for partnership: Civil Society leaders working session

The Civil Society leaders working session be held on Monday 20 May from 10:00 to 13:00 at room CC9. It focused on actions the OECD and partners can take to promote and enable an environment for civil society, which is currently the most critical challenge that civil society organisations face, impeding their basic license to operate and people’s ability to participate in civic life. In this scenario, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 emerges as a unique opportunity to involve more actors through global and multi-stakeholder partnerships. The three-hour session involved approximately 100 participants including civil society representatives and government delegates from the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting. 

If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact the OECD Civil Society team.



Meet the Author

Forum speakers presented their latest books in the Meet The Author area – an opportunity for you to ask the author questions, share your views, and even purchase a book. 

Find the programme here


Talk Together

Exchange ideas and experiences in a more informal setting than plenary sessions.

Bring your own perspective to a discussion with a speaker or a group of speakers on a specific issue!

Thanks to those that participated!

Solutions Space and Networking

A space to meet and connect with other participants. 

A place where one can learn about initiatives that bridge the gap between real global challenges and real world solutions.

Civic Innovation Hub @ Better Life Index


The OECD Better Life Index is an online tool where citizens can tell the OECD what matters for their well-being, based on 11 different dimensions. It is an effort of the Organisation to make our work more accessible and include citizens in the quality of life debate.

At the Civic Innovation Hub, we showcased initiatives that strive for better outcomes. Whether through civic tech – using technology in the service of public good – or social innovation, speakers discussed how their initiatives are having an impact on what matters in our daily lives, including health, education, environment, income, community and much more. Speakers gave short pitches with open Q&A, touching on opportunities and challenges for making change and improving lives. 


15/15 Talks

Dive into the world of experts to see what, according to them, brings us together today. 

These sessions featured a dynamic talk for up to 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes for discussion.

Forum Duos




An intimate and reflective session in which two unexpected or opposing speakers research and introduce each other before exchanging opinions, experiences and life stories to demonstrate the power of empathy to build understanding. In doing so, speakers encouraged the audience to consider their own approaches to divergent points of view.

Future of Work Hub

Future of Work visual,

A space to share your ideas about work and co-design solutions for a future that is happening now.

Be inspired by the stories and tackle the questions shaping the future of work.