Webinar on Pensions and Financial Education in South East Europe: Sound Approaches and Practices


12 May 2022 Geotag for agendaVirtual event

The OECD works with countries from South East Europe - Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania - to promote financial education with the financial support of the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands.

As part of this project, this OECD-hosted webinar centred on the link between financial education and pensions. Drawing on evidence from the OECD report on Financial Literacy of Adults in South East Europe, participants set the scene for discussions on the need to focus on pensions in financial education initiatives. Institutions active in the pensions and/or financial education space shared their experiences and initiatives to improve the financial literacy and eventually the pension outcomes for individuals.

The OECD engages in knowledge sharing and capacity building via a series of events that brings financial education stakeholders from the public and private sectors and civil society in SEE together with their counterparts within the OECD International Network on Financial Education.






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