Webinar on Evaluating National Financial Literacy Strategies: Practical approaches relevant to South East Europe


21 June 2022 Geotag for agendaVirtual event

In response to demand from Bulgaria, Georgia and Croatia, the OECD Secretariat organised a virtual workshop on evaluation of National Strategies on Financial Literacy (NSFL) in December 2020. One of the objectives of this event was to assist partner organisations from these countries with the design of their NSFL with evaluation in mind.

Building on the outcomes of the 2020 event, this meeting will followed up with practical advice for the seven countries participating in the OECD/INFE Technical Assistance Project on Financial Education in South East Europe (SEE). The sessions focused on current challenges in the region and helped stakeholders kick-start evaluation based on  OECD country experiences, relevant principles, handbooks and guidelines.

During the meeting, OECD/INFE experts responded to a set of pre-defined questions and engaged in interactive discussions with the audience.

Representatives of Armenia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom and other countries participated in the meeting.

The OECD summarised the main points made in the specific sessions and linked them to insights from relevant OECD/INFE work with concrete guidance based on research and lessons from implementation until now. 







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